Hellfire: Apache vs Hind

Hellfire: Apache vs Hind 1.02.29

Revolutionary helicopter arcade combat action that will take you on a worldwide

Climb aboard your very own helicopter gunship and start to make a difference in this Cold War inspired arcade combat simulator from Pazzazz, the same development team who brought you GTS Racing Challenge.

Experience 16 missions of adrenalin fuelled combat action in a global theater of war, with full realtime 3D rendered environment and realistic pre-rendered player helicopters with realistic weapon loadouts and capabilities.
Hellfire: Apache vs Hind features:

  • Now with full 480x320 screen support for the Tapwave™ Zodiac
  • Worldwide missions to complete, including multiple objectives per mission.
  • Varied enemies and prisoners of war to rescue.
  • Choice of two helicopters gunships, both with realistic weapon loadouts and capabilities.
  • Full realtime rendered terrain and enemies, along with high quality pre-rendered helicopter models.
  • Dynamic sound effects.
  • Varied gameplay with multiple levels of challenge.
  • Fully configurable control system.

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Hellfire: Apache vs Hind


Hellfire: Apache vs Hind 1.02.29

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